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Castle Acre Primary School

Odd Socks!

Odd Socks Day, Friday 20th November, is part of Anti-Bullying Week.

We all wore odd socks on anti-bullying week because that is to show that we are all different and we all know that being bullied is horrible.

Whitebeam Class has thought that being bullied is horrible so we know that there are lots of ways to get rid of bullying, especially telling an adult.

It’s ok if you’re scared when you get bullied because lots of the time you get a threat, for example “If you tell the teacher I will tell you off.”

We also were allowed to put our feet on the table to show off our odd socks.  We took lots of photos to show you, look them up on Whitebeam Class page and in the ‘Odd Socks’ page in ‘News and Events’.

By Bea Clarke