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Castle Acre Primary School

Charity of the Year News

Every year, the children of Castle Acre Academy choose a charity to support; previous years have included the RNLI, Save the Children and PACT.

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  • Charity of the year

    Published 01/10/19

    Charity of the year

    This year (2019-20) all the children were involved in pitching for a chosen charity before voting. In their house teams, the children researched and prepared a presentation with everyone in Years 1-6 playing a part. The effort put into this was apparent on the day with some excellent facts, information, PowerPoints and pictures being displayed.

    A hotly contested voting then took place with each child having a counter to put in the collecting box of the charity they wished to raise funds for. It was very close, but the winner was The Woodland Trust.

    “We're standing up for woods and trees. We protect and campaign, plant trees, and restore ancient woodland for the benefit of wildlife and people.

    To realise our vision we need to rekindle people’s love for woods and trees and show them the benefits trees can bring to our lives and communities.

    Since the 1930s, more than half the UK's ancient woodland we had has been destroyed. This rich, complex habitat dates back to medieval times and once swept in vast swathes across our countryside; today it covers just 2% of the UK. And we stand to lose even more as airports, roads and railways expand, houses are built and diseases attack.

    The effects are devastating: 60% of our animal and plant species have declined in the past 50 years. Many are now endangered; some face extinction.”

    The children have identified this charity as one that affects their future, not just the here and now. Do support us in our fundraising through the year.

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  • PACT

    Published 27/09/19

    Learning about hedgehogs

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  • Animal art competition

    Published 19/03/19

    Our second fundraiser of the year for PACT that the children organised was an art competition with a theme of animals. Anyone could enter, and what a lot of entries there were! This made judging very difficult as the standard was so high. An entry fee was charged and prizes awarded to the winners in each age group.

    Well done to everyone involved - organisers, entrants and judges - a total of £47.21 was raised to add to our totaliser.

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  • Animal Dress-up Day

    Published 05/11/18

    Our first fundraising day was on October 17th with an Animal Dress-up Day when everyone came to school as an animal.  With donations, £87 was raised for PACT, an amazing amount to start off our totaliser.


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