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Castle Acre Primary School

Norwich Castle Museum

Oak Class trip to Norwich Castle museum as part of our topic on Ancient Civilisations.

Report by Lola, year 4

On 17th March, years 4, 5 and 6 of Castle Acre School went to Norwich Castle museum. We did Sumerian writing on BluTac which was lots of fun.

Our second activity was with Julie when we earned about farming and crops. We talked about why it was important. We had a go at grinding some corn on a grindstone which was two rocks.

After that we had lunch. I had a tuna sandwich, an apple and chocolate oat slice.

After lunch we did building.  We were split into 5 groups and Mark, the teacher, told us to build a bridge, then take away the supports. The bridges stayed up! Then we made 2 groups to build a civilisation. We had to think about the best places to put the buildings, but most importantly we had to work as a team.

Lastly we learnt about philosophy with Amy. We played a 'yes and no' game and she made a story.

It was a good day.

"It was a fascinating day and I found out lots of facts that I didn't know before."  Ella

"There were lots of wonderful artefacts to look at and the activities were amazing." Esther