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Castle Acre Primary School

Friday 1st May

A new month and another day of new work - enjoy.


Today it is SPAG - so more work upon CONJUNCTIONS.

If needed, revisit the BBC website to review meanings (as per Monday).

1st task - try the sentence game to get into the mood:

Conjunctions =

Next, there is a powerpoint quiz - this can be used as a memory jogger to start, or as an end of session follow-up task. Also, there is a word mat for reference.

Finally, Year 2 and Year 3  have their activity sheets below.  Each has 3 levels of challenge as usual, so take a look and pick the challenge you are most comfortable trying (1-3 stars).

(Parents please be aware, answers are included, so don't scroll down too far).


Today it is word problems/problem solving.

1st try some games to warm up and get you thinking:

Year 2 =

Year 3  =

Then look at the problem sheets below. 1-3, orange, red chilli!

Also, there is the option to do some consolidation work by looking in your math workbooks:

Year 2 p.18

Year 3 p.20-22


Linking to our work yesterday, looking at the seas and rivers of the UK, your Art/DT challenge is rather watery today!

The aim is to make or create an image of a river.

if you would like to MAKE a river you could make it using a sand box/tray - for an example see below:

Alternatively - paint, chalk, draw, collage, photo montage, diorama - the options are endless. Look at the prompt page for examples.