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Castle Acre Primary School

Friday 22nd May

Welcome to the last day of the week and the last day of this half term!

Enjoy the tasks for today, make the most of the sunshine and enjoy the holiday.



Today we are looking at the APOSTROPHE of possession.

1) Last chance to practise your spellings - ask an adult to give you a test if possible.

2) Watch the information in the following videos

3) Work through the POWERPOINT below AND look at the apostrophe REMINDER sheet if needed

4) Complete the level of task you are willing to try and possibly an extension - choose from the Y2 and Y3 work below.

5) There is even an optional game to make/play.


Today we are continuing with STATISTICS (data handling).

1) Times table practise

Year 2 = x5, x10, x2 

Year 3 = x3, x4, x6, x7 or x8


Year 2 = bar chart game 

Year 3 = bar charts, Carroll or even Venn! 

3) Year 3- you are continuing with your booklets/extensions started yesterday (they are also on this page in case you need them).

     Year 2 - choose your level of challenge from below.


Following on from the music work yesterday - I would like you to create a piece of art to represent YOUR favourite piece of music.

Aim to be abstract. Use colour and patterns to reflect the mood, pulse, rhythm and more.

If this is too tricky - you could draw a LITERAL piece that explains/shows what the lyrics or title represent.

The sheet below has some pattern examples for you to consider.

You can use any medium and make your art any size - indoor or outdoor, 2d, 3d or photos.  The only limit is your imagination. Good luck.