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Castle Acre Primary School

Monday 11th May

Good morning. I hope you had a lovely weekend.Some of you might have even taken part in a social distancing VE day party in your garden or street, if so I hope you had a enjoyable time and are ready to start work again.


Practise your spellings and use each of these words in a sentence.

Gryffindor/Ravenclaw: stranger  strangest  heavier  heaviest   healthier

Sytherin/ Huddlepuff: happier  happiest  dry  drier  driest


English task for all

Your task today is to write a newsy letter to Mrs Wallbank and Miss Clifton about what you have been doing over the past few weeks. You might include any new things you have done, what you have really enjoyed, what you might be missing or how you have been feeling.

Remember how to set your letter out, how to start and finish, it as well as using neat, joined handwriting and  paragraphs. Also  check your spelling and punctuation.

Look at the ppt first to help you.


Today’s focus in maths is doubling and halving. Doubling is adding the same number together twice eg.

Double 6  =    6 + 6 = 12     6  x 2  = 12

Halving  is the inverse so we divide  by 2

Halve of 12 =  12 ÷ 2 =6

Look at the ppt points below and have a go at one or two of the challenges attached.

Then test yourself on the Game Hit the Button Doubling and Halving.

Year 2 –  doubles from 10  to  20 and halves from 10 to 20

Year 3  -  doubles up to 50 to 100  and halves  to 50 or halves from 50 to 100

Science Task

Use any books you have or the websites below to find 10 interesting about magnets.

Use your facts to create a poster with pictures and writing all about ‘Marvellous Magnets ‘