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Castle Acre Primary School

Monday 18th January

Good morning


Please complete your daily spellings and put one or two  in to a sentence 


Mental/Oral starter

Focus : 2D /3D

Today we will be refreshing our recognition of 2 and 3D shapes

Try both 2 and 3D shapes. Simply guess the shape by dragging the torch around the screen to reveal its properties.( Full instructions are included if you scroll down)

Year 3

Today we shall be focusing on multiplication:  multiplying 2 digits by 1 digit;2 digits by 2 digits and  3 digits by 2 digits

Watch the videos  on the class dojo. The first will  explain the vocabulary linked to multiplication - multiple,commutative, factor and product; The second video will explain the different written methods we use to multiply. 

  • Arrays
  • Using a number line
  • Using grid multiplication/ partitioning using drawings to help with larger numbers

 Then complete the one of the challenges below.Remember to challenge yourself.

Year 2

In Year 2 the focus today is recapping making equal groups using sharing. Watch the video below  and then complete the Year 2 Challenge for all and then one of the Star challenges.


Grammar - please see activities on adjectives.

This week we will be learning about writing effective instructions . We will be working towards writing our own at the end of the week

Today we will begin the week by looking at what a good set of instructions should contain.

Read the powerpoint and watch the video ( to look at what a set of instructions should contain.

Then today’s activity is sequencing the instructions in chronological order. That means putting them in the correct order. Download the worksheet. The photos are in the right order but the instructions aren’t. Re-write them in your books in the correct order. Use your most beautiful handwriting. 


With the busy time we had in school leading up to Christmas, we did not complete our learning about The Shang Dynasty.  Therefore, over the next few weeks, we will be learning about what life was like in China at the time of the Shang Dynasty. 

For each lesson you will only need some paper and a pencil to write with.

This is a short animated video introducing the basic facts about the Shang Dynasty which introduces the topic quite nicely.

Lost Lands : The Shang Dynasty

Resources needed for each lesson : pencil ,ruler, paper and a bar of soap for lesson 5

Lesson 1 Click on the link below to start the video

How do we know about the Shang Dynasty?


Can you write a story using the Ancient Chinese characters?

Can you write a sentence about each of the 3 artefacts that have been found from the Shang Dynasty? Can you remember what they were for and what they made from?


For your PE session today , try some of these home learning Gymnastics activities. Take a photo and  post  it  on class dojo.