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Castle Acre Primary School

Monday 1st February


Start your day with PE with Joe.

Spelling practice

Please find your spellings attached below.

Another way to practise  your spellings is to  click on the Spelling Frame link below:


Year 2 Rule 8 : Sound l, spelt with el at the end of words

Gryffindor and Ravenclaw 

Year 3 / 4 Rule 2:  words with short i sound spelt with y- myth, gym. Although some of your spellings may differ from those on the website, this is  the spelling rule we are practising so it will not harm to try spelling other words which have the same rule.


Mental oral starter

Focus : multiplying and dividing by 10 and 100

When we multiply by 10 we are making the number 10 times bigger so all the digits move one place to the left ; if we multiply by 100 all the digits move 2  places to the left. When we divide by 10 and 100 all the digits move one place  and two places to the right respectively.

Have a go a practising x 10 and 100

Tally Charts

This week the focus for both Year 3 and 2 is Statistics. We are going to start the week by recapping why and how we use tally charts. Tally charts are used to collect data quickly and efficiently. Filling in a chart with marks representing numbers is faster than writing out words or figures and the data is collected into sub-groups immediately, making it easy to analyse.

Year 3 and 2 watch the ppt  with Mrs Wallbank on class dojo.

Your task today is to create your own tally chart of your choice. For example:count  how many different species of birds can you see in your garden? ; how many different coloured crayons do you have at home?; How many different colours of socks have you? Look out the window and count the number of cars that pass outside your house that are different colours. The topics could be endless. 

Keep the tally chart safe as you will need it for our work towards the end of the week.


GPS - Apostrophe for possession

possessive apostrophe shows that something belongs to or is connected to something else.

Watch this clip to learn how to use possessive apostrophes and have a go at the activities at the end.


L.O: I can re-tell a story using the key events

Read the local story called the Pedlar of Swaffham.  Listen to Miss Behan reading the story and read along on the text at the same time.

Vocab check – use a dictionary or ask an adult to find out what these words mean. Write the definitions in your book



-tramped and trudged

- bustle

What are the key events of the story?  Draw yourself a story map  (some easy pictures to remind yourself of what happens in the story)  and have a go at retelling the story to someone at home from the pictures. Send us a picture of your story map and we’d love to see videos of you retelling it on class dojo too. You can shorten the story into your own words. It’s about WHAT happens, not using the exact same words as Miss Behan read.

Mon  reading

L.O: I can answer questions about a text

These questions are about pages 1 to 3 of the story. All of the answers are in the text so you need to look carefully.  Skim  and scan to find the right bit of the text with the answer

Download the questions and answer them.


Today we shall be continuing to learn about the the Shang Dynasty.We shall be learning:

What life was like for the people in The Shang Dynasty

You will need a piece of paper, pencil and a ruler

Actvities: as you watch the video pause the video to create these 4 short activities.

Create a timeline  and place the  Shang Dynasty on it, then add some events of your own that are important to you or you know about.

Can you write three sentences about the importance of the Yellow River to the Shang Dynasty?

Can you remember what they ate and drank?

Can you remember the differences between the working and noble class.


Finish your day with some relaxing yoga.

 Click on the link and have a go at one of the many different fun yoga sessions especially for children. Don't forget to post a picture on class dojo of one of your yoga poses!

Enjoy your day and don't forget to post your work on class dojo.

Something special that is happening this week is:

Children’s Mental Health Week: Week Beginning: 1st February: Theme – Express Yourself.

Attached is a grid of activities that you might like to have a look at and perhaps choose one a day to explore.  If you choose to be a dance teacher, don't forget to send in a video of a dance routine we could all join in with! 

Have fun :)