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Castle Acre Primary School

Monday 20th April

Today's English task is to look carefully at the pictures and  write a set of instructions to make a simple catapult. 

Today's Maths challenge:

Mental Maths : Spend  15 minutes using this website

Year 2 focus : Add 2 digit and one; Add 2 digit and tens: Add 2 digits

Year 3 focus:  Addition of pairs that make 100 (including multiples of 5 ); Addition of pairs that make 1000

Choose a Mild,Hot or Spicy Challenge. Complete the missing number problems in your books. Think carefully how you might work them out . Show your workings and try to explain to an adult your thinking.


This term we shall be looking at Forces and Magnets! The first task  for Monday 20th April is attached below.

There are another 2  science challenges for this week and next :

To build a catapult from household objects or anything you might have lying around your house or garden.

Then write a set of instructions about 'How to  build  and use it safely!'