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Castle Acre Primary School

Monday 27th April

Good Morning. I hope you have had a lovely weekend in the sunshine  and are ready to do some more work! 

Today's English is work on conjunctions. Use the  websites below to refresh your memory and then complete one of the Conjunction Challenges attached below.

Maths today is understanding the value of each digit in a number otherwise known as 'Place Value'.

Perhaps use the websites below before you have a go at one of the challenges.

Daily Mental Maths Challenges. Choose  Digit Value  level 2 , 3 or 4. If you want a real challenge, Year 3 , have a go at level 5

Complete  one of the Challenges attached below


We are continuing with our work about forces and today we are looking at 'Friction'

What is friction?       Watch the video clip.

Write a definition in your book. Friction is………………………..

Try the investigation outlined below.