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Castle Acre Primary School

Monday 4th May

Good morning .I hope you have had a lovely weekend and are ready to start work again. Below are your English, Maths and Science tasks for today.


Use each of your  4 spelling words in a sentence:

Gryffindor/Ravenclaw: earn  pearl   search  research

Slytherin/ Hufflepuff:  worst  world  worth    work

English task for all

The focus over the next 3 days is  researching , making  clear notes and then creating a fact file.

Choose a famous person you would like to learn about. Research them.  It could be :

  • an famous author whose books you like to read: for example JK Rowling, Roald Dahl, Francesca Simon, Michael Morpurgo, Julia Donaldson,
  • a famous astronaut ,: Tim Peake, Neil Armstrong
  • a famous naturalist : David Attenborough, Steve Backshall
  • someone you admire : Mary Berry, Usain Bolt, Bear Grylls, Tanni Grey Thompson
  • a famous sports person, inventor, composer or musician

What would you like to know about them?

  • Where were they born?
  • Are they still alive?
  • Facts about their early life when they were young.
  • Why are they famous?
  • Have they made an important contribution to society eg did they make a discovery
  • Any other interesting facts

Make clear,  concise notes so that on Tuesday and Wednesday you can create a fact file about the person you have chosen. 


The focus  is converting money  and comparing different amounts of money

Year 3

Using the website watch the video 'converting pounds to pence' and look at  activities 1 and 2.

Complete the Year 3 Comparing Money Quiz

Then complete the Year 3 Challenge and for an extra challenge try the Year 3 Extension Task.

Year 2

Comparing and making amounts of money. 

Click on the link below

Have a go at the  Year 2 Making the Same Amounts Quiz

Then complete the Hot Year 2 Challenge and some of you should  certainly challenge yourselves by completing  the Spicy Year 2 Challenge.



Watch the video clip about magnets ( it may take a few minutes to load)

Then look at the ppt and complete the quiz at the end.

Hopefully most of you may have a fridge magnet or another sort of magnet in your house ( fingers crossed! )


Collect about 12 -15  items from around the house or garden, then with the magnet test whether they are magnetic or not. Please make sure you ask an adult first. Even if you do not have a magnet you could make a prediction when sorting your items.

Eg paper clip, pencil, key, can, different coins 

Draw and label 2 columns in your book.

Magnetic                                          Non-magnetic

Sort the items under the 2 columns.

Then answer these questions in your book

What types  of materials are magnetic?

Are all metals magnetic? Explain your answer.

Explain what a magnet is.