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Castle Acre Primary School

Monday 8th February


Due to the snow the school is closed today due to not enough staff being able to travel in. Please find the home learning below but make sure you take time to go outside and  enjoy playing in the snow. Have fun!


Please find the spellings attached below. Click on the link below  to practise your spellings on line as well.

Year 3/4 : Gryffindor and Ravenclaw

Rule 3 The sound ‘ou’  eg couple

Year 2: Slytherin

n sound spelt kn and gn

Hufflepuff:  split digraph a-e


LO: I understand and can order features of a letter

This week we are going to find out more about what it is like to do different jobs and why people do them.  To do this we are going to write letters to people to find out more about how and why they got into the jobs that they do.

We do this we need to know how to write letters.  Please watch the powerpoints and look out for these features:

  • address of sender
  • date
  • Dear
  • introduction using  - I am writing to ...
  • more detail in paragraphs
  • Yours faithfully at the end 

Challenge:  download the letter.  Someone has mixed up the order of this letter.  Can you re-write the letter in the correct order.  Alternatively you could number the order that the features should appear in or cut and stick them in the correct order. 

Reading:  please continue reading your own books at home or choose some from Oxford Owls.  Are you reading a fiction or non-fiction book?  What features does the book have that you are currently reading?  Can you tell someone at home the different features you will see in a fiction and non-fiction book? 


Year 2

This week we are carrying on looking at pictograms and  drawing them.

Watch the video and answer the questions as you go along then complete one of the Star challenges if you wish.

Year 3

Today we shall also be interpreting pictograms .Watch the PPt on class dojo with Mrs Wallbank. Make sure you have a piece of paper and a pencil to answer the questions as we go through it.

You will need to pause the video to answer the questions.

Complete the Challenge for all and the Star Challenges if you wish.


Today in PE we shall be completing 4 Static Challenges which you can join in with at home.

  • The Plank
  • The' V 'Sit
  • The Stork Stand
  • The Wall Sit

All the information with pictures is attached below. Make  sure you warm up properly. Jot down your results for each challenge and post them with a photo on class dojo.


Today we shall be learning about Fu Hoa. You will need a piece of paper and a pencil.

Click on the link to start the video.


Can you draw a picture map of how Zheng Zhenxiang discovered the tomb of Fu Hoa?

What do the different pictures of the artefacts tell us about Fu Hoa?

Can you unscramble the sentences about Fu Hoa?

(For lesson 5 after half term you will need a bar of soap to complete a carving activity!)