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Castle Acre Primary School

Thursday 14th May

Good morning! Welcome to another Thursday....keep going, it is almost the weekend...I promise.

Here are the tasks for today.


1st - practise your spellings.

Today is a creative writing task for everyone. We would like you to write a poem based upon a RAINBOW.

You could make an acrostic - using the letters of the word RAINBOW to build 7 lines of poetry.

You could make a SHAPE poem - putting your ideas within the lines of a arching rainbow.

You could try a HAIKU - using words that total just 17 syllables in 3 lines =  5/7/5

You could try rhyme, multiple verses, or more - the options are endless.

Here are some links to get you thinking:

acrostic poems

writing poems

To help, there is also a page of examples below to get you started. You can add decoration, try more than one format, write on the computer - it is up to you. Mrs W and I are looking forward to seeing your creations on DOJO.


1st - practise your X tables

Today we are revisiting measures and scales -focussing upon  MASS (weight).

Start with 10 minutes of scale games

Year 2 =

Year 3 =

Choose the level of difficulty you are happy to try from the task sheets below.

Topic- Geography

We are continuing our exploration of the UK - today we are focussing upon COUNTIES.

We touched upon these during our local geography unit in the autumn - so this is a recap and extension.

1 = work through the Powerpoint

2 = choose the level of challenge (1-3 star), you will need the uk counties map and one of the fact file sheets

3 = number and identify as many counties as you can (Start with NORFOLK)

green chilli = identify 12 or more

orange chilli = identify 20 or more

red chilli = HOW high can you go...30 or more!!!!

4 = complete the fact file sheet to accompany your map - you will need the extra maps below, the NORFOLK NOTES sheet and/or the Internet.  You can print/write upon the fact file - or use it as guide to write directly into your books...or even tye as a word document!