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Castle Acre Primary School

Thursday 21st January


Practise your spellings ready for your test tomorrow.

Mental oral starter

Remember division is the inverse or opposite of multiplication. Therefore if  you can recall multiplication facts quickly you should be able to recall division facts.

For example:   6 x 2 = 12     2 x 6 = 12         12 ÷  2 = 6        12 ÷ 6 = 2

Refresh your memory if you need to using the following website:

Then to extend yourself try recalling division facts using the following website:

Year 3

Today the focus is division again. Yesterday we learned about how  to divide by sharing. We partitioned the dividend (or the first number) into tens and ones and then shared it between 2,3,4,5 etc. Today we shall be using a number line to help us to divide by jumping along in groups of 2,3,4,5,6 etc. We use our knowledge of times tables to help us. There is a video on class dojo to explain the method. Once you have watched the video complete one of the challenges. Remember only one challenge needs to be completed.

Year 2

Today you are going to carry on with using grouping to make equal groups. Watch the video and then complete the Challenge for all. Then if you wish try one of the Star Challenges.


Adjectives - today we are thinking about antonyms.  An antonym is a word with the opposite meaning to another word, for example, slow and fast are antonyms.  Please have a go at completing the table then thinking of some more of your own. 

Writing Instructions

Continuing with our focus on writing instructions, today we would like you to have a go at completing a craft activity but as you do it, we would like you to make notes of the steps you use because tomorrow you will be writing the instructions!  Keep in mind the bossy verbs you will need to use. 


This term our music unit is 'I want to play in a band'. Today we will be doing lesson 2 in class . Click on the link below which will take you straight to Norfolk Music Hub. Play the games and complete the activities. If you haven't completed lesson 1 then perhaps start there. Have fun!