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Castle Acre Primary School

Thursday 21st May

Hello and welcome to another lovely day....fingers crossed!

Here are the tasks for today:


1st - remember to practise your spellings.

Following on from your book reviews this week, today's challenge is to write a detailed review of your favourite FILM.

You will need to check online to look up the DIRECTOR.

There are several templates below that you can either print/complete - or use as a guide to write your own review into your work books.

There is also a MEGA challenge, super spicy, for those willing to dare!

And/or an optional extension - a favourite character fact file.

....Could you adapt the format of the "Book review BOOKLET" - to make it about a film?


1) Start with 10 minutes of X table practise - challenge yourself.

Year 2

Year 3

2) This Thursday and Friday we are looking at STATISTICS (data handling).

Next - look at the videos/information in these links

Year 2

Year 3

3) Look at the POWERPOINTS below if you need extra information

4) Year 2 - choose your level of challenge (3 levels are within the activity below), then try the extension. if you can.

Year 3 - you have a work book for today AND TOMORROW, so only do half today and leave the rest for Friday.

There is also a set of CHALLENGE cards as an extension - again, more than enough for both days, should you be willing to "have a go."


As a break from Geography - having looked closely at UK maps for the last 4 weeks.  I thought it might be nice to do some music.

These are BBC bitesize video and activity links - go as far as you are able/willing.

The focus is PULSE AND RHYTHM.

Videos on both links are the same.

Year 2, if your task at the end is too easy - click upon the year 3 link and try their task.

Year 3 - try the EXTENSION link looking at DURATION AND TEMPO if you have time.


At the end of all units, there are further links to explore if you are enjoying it.

You could video yourself doing the pulse/rhythm task and upload it to dojo!