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Castle Acre Primary School

Thursday 23rd April

Here are the tasks for today.  I may have got a "little" carried away after 2 weeks off - but simply have the children try their best.  Some areas have one "should" do task, one "could" do extension task and/or extra fun tasks for if they are SUPER keen! I am ever the optimist.


Today is a further comprehension task - which links to our new Geography unit for this half term.  The "continents of the world" document below has 4 levels. If you have a printer please consider printing the relevant pages, if not, simply enlarge the view size to make reading on screen as easy as possible.

Year 2 - you SHOULD please try the 2 STAR version

Year 3 - you SHOULD please try the 3 STAR version

If you find too tricky - look t the version BEFORE yours (so year 2 - 1 star, year 3 - 2 star)

Answers should be written in full sentences whether in your books or on the answers page.

Parents - please be aware answers are within the document - so be careful not TOO much scrolling down.


Could do - see below - Make a continents fortune teller (this needs a printer to print sheet, then follow instructions to fold/create)

Fun - (see below) - Make a globe (you need a balloon, scrap paper, glue etc.)



Continuing on from Mrs W's balance equations and missing number work, today and tomorrow we will be looking at "simple equations".  Today the focus is upon finding the MISSING number that is now replaced by a LETTER (ahh...the start of ALGEBRA...don't panic!!!!).

The example upon each worksheet should hopefully help.  There is also a lengthy powerpoint that the children can work through (with adult support is best, especially for year 2).  Ideally they should use their INVERSE knowledge to solve.

12 + N = 17.... so 17 - 12 = N..... 5        M - 8 = 11.... so 11+8 = N....19

5 x R = 20 divided by 5 = R....4    

There are 3 levels of challenge to choose from for each year group. Green, orange or red chilli!



Our new topic this half term is all about Geography - especially the UK, with elements of world map knowledge included to spice it up.

Lesson one is all about the UK.

1st - look at the powerpoint

2nd - labelling cities of the UK - you will need your support map below.  If you can print the activity sheet it is much easier to record the cities, but if not, simply number each city from 1-18, starting with the one on the top RIGHT, then working round in a clockwise direction.  Put these numbers into your book and record your answers.

There is also an EXTENSION "could" task using compass directions.

This comes in 3 levels of challenge - 2 STAR for year 2, 3 STAR for year 3.

However, for those that try, if it is TOO tricky - just look at the one 1 star for year 2, 2 star for year 3)

Fun - why not try and draw your own map of the UK!