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Castle Acre Primary School

Thursday 23rd April 2020



Play a listening game! Ask a grown up to find a group of objects around the house. Ask them to make a noise using the object and see if you can guess what they are holding – no peeking!

Phoneme recall – Using your flashcards in your book bags, see which of the Phase 3 sounds you can remember! (I've attached a set of the cards at the bottom of the page if you're not able to find your set). 

Writing challenge: Can you write a sentence about this picture? 

See if you can use one or more of our tricky words in your sentence : come, some, he, she, me, be, the, a, was


Ask an adult to hide pairs of numbers that make 10 around the house (Tip for parents: draw some spots representing the numbers too to help them count). See if you can find all of the numbers hidden and match up the pairs of numbers to make 10.

(Counting with your fingers will help you spot the next number you need to make 10!)

Learning: Handy Maths

Practise your counting by looking at this Easter I Spy picture (at the bottom of the page). Can you count each of the different types of pictures? There’s an addition sheet too if you’re feeling extra clever!


Have a chat with an adult about this item:

What do you think it is? What does it remind you of? What do you think this was used for? Who might have used it? How was it used? Do you think it is used in modern times or in the ‘olden days’?

Jot down your ideas in your writing book or even draw a picture of someone using the item!

Design & Technology

Have a look at our school logo (on your school jumper or book bag). What can you see on the logo? 

If you could design your own logo for the school, what would it look like? Draw your logo designs on a piece of paper, I'd love to see them! 

Here are some ideas if you're a bit stuck!

Silverhill Primary School, Mickleover, Derby - Home | Silverhill ...Longthorpe Primary School | Learning to LearnSt James CE Primary School


Year 1


What are verbs? Can you remember?

Verbs are things that we can... (do)

Play Simon Says to remind yourselves what verbs are! Try marching on the spot, jumping up high, crouching low, hopping from one foot to the other, sliding along the floor, creeping silently.

Use this game to help unscramble sentences by listening to the sentence being read out. You need to listen hard to the sentence to make sure you arrange the words in the correct order!


Look in different rooms around the house and go on a number hunt. How many items can you find that have numbers on them? What is the largest number you can find? What is the smallest number you can find? Can you order the numbers from smallest to largest? 


Can you spot anything in the house which you could cut in half and in quarters? What shapes are the objects made out of? Do you spot anything similar about the shapes?

E.g.Beach Hat Clipart - Sun Hat Clipart Png , Transparent Cartoon ...

This hat could be cut in half (even though it’s a little floppy!) But I couldn’t cut it in quarters because it wouldn’t be equal on all 4 sides!

Make a list of the things you could cut in half and quarters and a list of things you couldn’t cut in half/quarters. You could draw a picture of the objects you find too!


What do you think this item was used for? Does it remind you of something you've seen before? Who might have used it? Which room might it have been kept in the house? Do you think it is a modern invention or an 'old' invention?

Jot down your ideas in your writing book or even draw a picture of how it might have been used! 

Design Technology 

Take a look at the school logo, what can you see on the logo that makes it special? 

Can you design a new school logo to represent our school? What do you think we need on the logo to make it special to Castle Acre? 

Think about the shape of the logo too! Here are some ideas to get you started!