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Castle Acre Primary School

Thursday 25th February


Please practise your spellings and use the spelling frame web site if you wish.


Mental oral starter

Today we are going to practise rounding numbers to the nearest 10 or 100.


Practise rounding numbers to the nearest multiple of 10 or 100.

Choose one of the first 4 levels level .To make it harder you can practise without the number line to help you.

Remember numbers ending in the digit 1,2,3,4 round down and numbers ending in5,6,7,8 and 9 we round up.

Year 2

Today we shall be focusing upon the number of vertices of 2D shapes. Can you remember what vertices are? Watch the video by clicking on the video link below and see if you are correct.

Complete the Challenge for all. Then have a go at the further challenge

Year 3

You will need a piece of paper and a pencil

Look at the ppt recognising and describing 2 D shapes.  Pause the ppt at each slide to answer the problems posed. Complete the Year 3 Challenge for all. There is also an Extension Challenge if you wish.


Today you are going to plan a letter to either a policeman, a football coach or a vet.  If you want a challenge, you could write a letter to more than one! 

Please download the planning template and think about the information you would like to receive from the person you are writing to.  What questions will you need to ask them?  Please use the school address and not your home address.  

Remember, in section 1 be very polite to the person and ask your questions very nicely.  Don't forget to introduce yourself.

In section 2 ask questions about what they had to do to get their job, for example, was there a special task, did they have to go to University? 

In section 3 you can ask more about what the most exciting parts are.  


Please take time to share a book/books at home and maybe look at some on Oxford Owls?  You might like to listen to a story that contains letters - The Jolly Postman?

What do you notice about how the story is read? 


Enquiry Question:  How do Christians belong to their faith family?

The Baptism of Jesus

Thinking back to our learning over the past few weeks, today we are going to be exploring more about the Christian symbol of the dove and about the baptism of Jesus.

Can you remember what happens when someone is baptised?  What might happen if they are a baby? What might happen if they are an adult?

Where do we need to look in the Bible to find out about the life of Jesus? (The New Testament) If you are able to access a children's Bible, you might like to read the story of the Baptism of Jesus (Mark 1:4-11 or Matthew 3:16-17)).

You might choose to listen to the story being told by Rev Mark (Dersinghamonlineworship) Bible Bites - Respect and Reverence

and find out what happens when he places a glass full of water above his head! 



  • Look at the powerpoint where there are different images of the baptism of Jesus.  Which one do like best?  Why? 
  • Discuss the story – who was in it, what happened and in what order?
  • Your child might like to make some puppets/props to retell this story.  Can they draw and cut out the figures of John and Jesus?  They could use lego characters etc.  Could they also draw/make a dove and some clouds. 
  • Can they now retell the story or act it out with props as either they or you read/tell it?  If you are able to video it we would love to see them. 
  • Alternatively they may like to colour the picture of Jesus being baptised and think about the story as they do this.
  • They might like to draw a picture to represent the story.
  • They could make a dove and perhaps write on it what the dove symbolizes to Christians.