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Castle Acre Primary School

Thursday 28th January



Complete your Look, Cover, Write , Check for the day.


Mental/Oral Starter

Click on the link above.

Year 2 focus on dividing by 2,5 and 10

Year 3 focus on dividing by 3, 4 and 8

Year 2

Today we are dividing by 10. Again the video clearly shows the link between multiplication and division, so if we can recall our 10 times tables it will help you solve dividing by 5 division problems accurately.

There again is a Challenge for all and 1 , 2 or 3 Star sheets if you want a further  challenge

Year 3

How Many ways?

Today we shall be systematically listing the possible combinations resulting from two groups of objects. You can use practical equipment and make sure you are systematic and logical as you approach each problem. Try to calculate the total number of ways without listing all the possibilities. e.g. Each T-shirt can be matched with 4 pairs of trousers so altogether 3 × 4 = 12 outfits.

Watch the video and complete the Year 3 Challenge for all, T - shirt Challenge or the Ice Cream Challenge. Remember to challenge yourself.


GPS - Contractions continued - following on from yesterday you may like to complete some more of the BBC Bitesize activities or have a go at one of the worksheets below? 

Descriptive writing - your activity today is to write a paragraph describing your jungle/rainforest picture from yesterday.  Today's challenge however is to use a variety of different sentence openers so you don't always start your sentences with the word The.

Download the word mat to help you with some ideas of sentence openers.  See if you can not use the word The!  For example, In the distance, a brightly coloured, feathered bird fluttered through the green leaves.  


RE – Enquiry Question:  How do Christians belong to their faith family?

Week 3 – Holy Communion

Following on from last week when we thought about times when Christians might get together, today we are going to explore what happens during Holy Communion.  Please look at the powerpoint and play spin the wheel game if you are able to. Also have a look at the pictures of The Last Supper and chalice and paten .  Please choose an activity from those listed below.


  • Write about what you have found out about what happens during a Holy Communion service for Christians.  There is a sheet attached with vocabulary on to help you.
  • Look at the picture of The Last Supper.  Can you explain what is happening in it?
  • Look at the picture of the chalice and paten.  Can you label them and say what they are used for? 


If you would like another activity please listen to the story of “The Koala who could” written by Rachel Bright and illustrated by Jim Field.

Kevin is very good at three things – can you remember what they were?  Clinging, napping and munching on leaf-buns!  What three things are you very good at?  What skill do you think you might need to improve?

What was Kevin afraid of?  (change)  How did his friends help him? This might be an opportunity for your child/children to talk about all the changes that are happening now in their own lives and how these make them feel.

How did Kevin feel at the end of the story? What does it mean to have a ‘CAN-DO’ attitude? 

There are some Growth mindset colouring sheets to download or the children could try and copy one of the sayings.