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Castle Acre Primary School

Thursday 30th April

Hello and welcome to the tasks for today...


Today it is all about DESCRIPTION, setting the scene, using your SENSES and your imagination!  I shall be hoping for lots of AMAZING adjectives, super noun phrases, some WOW verbs and adverbs and perhaps some stunning similes (as big a....).

The task is for all to do - look at/print the prompt below and write in your books.



It is all about reading scales and measures today.  There are some website games to try 1st to "warm up"...a powerpoint for year 3 and then task sheets with at least 3 levels of challenge.

Remember- if they have STARS... 1 star = green chilli, 2 stars = orange chilli, 3 stars = red chilli

PARENTS -  as before, some sheets have answers included, so be careful with your scrolling.

Year 2 games

capacity countdown, mostly postie, reading scales etc.

Year 3 games

capacity countdown, mostly postie, reading scales/mass x2



Week 2 of our new geography unit is all about the SEAS around the UK and the Rivers within.

Work through the powerpoint - taking your time to think carefully.  Then pick your level of challenge (1-3 stars) - to name the seas and rivers of the UK.


Feel like an EXTENSION task?

Why not find out as much as you can about some of the rivers- Internet a FACT FILE!

Or ...make a photo montage using your laptop - cut and paste images of UK rivers to create a stunning visual display.

OR....make your own power point - each page a new river, its name, a picture and some facts!