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Castle Acre Primary School

Thursday 4th February



Practise your spellings and show that you understand the meaning by writing each one in a sentence. Remember you can also use the spelling frame website as well.


Mental /Oral Starter

Practise recalling your division facts

Year 2 focus on dividing by 2, 5 and 10 then progressing to 3

Year 3 focus upon dividing by 3, 4 and 8

Year 3 and Year 2

Please see the video on Class Dojo. 

Have a look at the sheets attached below.   Choose one and start by answering the questions on it.  Today you are going to create your own pictogram from your tally chart on Monday  and then write some questions using the information from the pictogram for a friend or another person to answer.Watch the video on dojo as well to give you some ideas. Use question stems to create questions such as:

Which is the most ............ ?          Which is the least ............ ?       

How many more ........... ?

What is the difference between ...........         Which has fewer ............ ?  

Can you use the vocabulary total, more than, less than, altogether? 


You might like to start with listening to the story of The Pedlar of Swaffham again that was attached to Monday's plans?

L.O : I can  plan a story

Today you are going to have a go at creating your own story using the Pedlar of Swaffham. Change the names and places in the story to create your own. Rather than John  in Swaffham come up with a different name. Rather than going to London Bridge where could his dream send him? Rather than the man dreaming in London, what could John’s clue be to the treasure? Where is your character’s treasure hidden?

Download the planning sheet to fill in with your story. Have a go at retelling your story out loud. Today is just about the planning and thinking of your ideas.  


Please choose another activity from the grid you had on Monday.  In class today we thought of things that we are proud of and we started to make an alphabet list of all the emotions we could think of.  For example, a for angry or annoyed, b for ...   Today we are going to do the activity:

The Island of You!

Design an island all about you, full of your favourite things and favourite people. Build a model of your island using whatever you can find – recycling, Lego etc.


RE – Enquiry Question:  How do Christians belong to their faith family?

Christian Symbols

This week we will be finding out what symbols are; to understand that some symbols belong to religions and to identify some Christian symbols and learn about their significance to Christians. Think about the importance last week of the chalice and paten to Christians.

Please look at the powerpoint and then choose some activities from the choice below. 


  • Design your own symbols to represent important things in your lives including people, pets, hobbies or faiths.
  • Look at the Christian symbols word mat and copy the symbols and write a little about why they are important to Christians. 
  • Choose one symbol and represent it through art.  You may scrunch paper up and stick it onto an outline of a cross.  You may make a dove with moving wings.  You might make the outline of the fish with pipe-cleaners or rolled out pieces of playdough/plasticine.  I am sure you will have many more creative ideas than these!

Please don’t forget to post your work on class dojo.

Thankful Thursday - we know how difficult things are at the moment for everyone but we wonder whether you can think of something/somethings you are thankful for?  You might like to draw or make your ideas!