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Castle Acre Primary School

Tuesday 12th May

Good morning. 


Put each of these spellings into a sentence.

Gryffindor/Ravenclaw: funnier  funniest  copier copied replied

Slytherin/Hufflepuff:      cry  cried  tiny  tinier  tiniest 

English Task for all

Fronted Adverbials

An adverbial is a word or phrase that adds more information to a verb.

Top tip!

Adverbials are used to explain how where or when something happened.

A fronted adverbial is when the adverbial phrase is at the front (or start) of the sentence, before the verb.

For example: Earlier today, Ian ate a banana.

Watch the video clip.

Year 2

Complete the Fronted Adverbial Challenge attached below.

Year 3

Watch the video 

Now write at least six  sentences about what happens in Spring using a fronted adverbial in every sentence. 

Top tip!

Choose something you saw in the video and then think of a fronted  adverbial to describe the action you saw.

For example: The plants grew + Quickly = Quickly, the plants grew when the heat of the sun shone down onto the soil to warm it up.

There are some examples of fronted adverbials attached below.



Mental addition

Year 2 practise bonds to 20 and 100 (tens)

Year 3 practise bonds to 100 ; extension bonds to 1000

The focus today is solving addition problems.

Year 2

Watch the video clip and /or use the website  to remind you how to partition to add.

Then complete one of the  Year 2 Challenges below or for an extra challenge try the Year 3 Maths Word Problems for all.

Year 3

Use the website below to remind you about column addition.

Then complete the  Year 3 Challenge below. You may like to try one of the extra challenges as well.


If you are given permission by the adult you are with click on the web site , and watch the tutorial to help you create your own game.

Just a note ,after you click run you need to click on Flappy using your mouse  or touch the screen to make the game work.