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Castle Acre Primary School

Tuesday 19th January



Please practise your weekly spellings


Focus : Time

Today we are going to practise telling time.

Click on the link below:

Choose the level you think would best suit you. If you think you have cracked that level try having a go at the next level up.

Year 2

Today we are continuing to focus on making equal groups - sharing.

Click on the link below and watch the video

Complete the sheet for all and then choose one of the Year 2 Star Maths Challenges.

Year 3

Today we will be continuing to consolidate our work using different  methods to multiply.if you need watch the video again on dojo to remind you of the different ways we can solve multiplication problems. There is also a ppt attached as well to look at. Complete one or 2 of the Year 3 Challenges below.


Grammar - please see the adjective activity below

Today we continue to think about how instructions are written and what a good set of instructions should contain.  The focus will be on 'bossy' verbs also known as imperative verbs.  Watch the BBC Bitesize video clip and join in with the activities if you wish.  Please then look at the powerpoint and rewrite the sentences on the sheet so that they sound like commands and instructions.  


Continuing with our enquiry question "How do Christians belong to their faith family?" today the children will be exploring what happens during a Christian christening/baptism.  The activity and video clips are detailed on the sheet below.  For the follow-up activity the children may like to draw a large cross or print the template also attached.  


Spend about 30 minutes practising you Spanish by logging into your Languagenut site.