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Castle Acre Primary School

Tuesday 21st April


Today in English we shall be looking at different tenses ; present, past and future. Choose one of the challenges below to complete in your book.

Mental Maths

 Spend  about 10 /15 minutes using this website:

Year 2 focus : Subtract ones from a 2 digit number; tens from a 2 digit number ; 2 digit number from a 2 digit number

Year 3 focus:  Subtract ones , tens and hundreds from a 3 digit number

Maths Challenge

Choose one of the missing number challenges to complete  in your books.


Watch the following video to remind yourself about coding

Remember Turtle Academy?

Work through the sections from 1-7,finishing at Shortcuts. Some of these we have covered already but why don’t you show the adults at home how you can make a turtle move.