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Castle Acre Primary School

Tuesday 26th January

Good morning.


Practise your daily spellings and put them into a sentence.


Mental/ oral starter

Focus : Time

Today we are going to practise telling time.

Using an analogue clock ( one with hands) practise telling the time throughout the day with the help of the adult who is with you. Or click on the web link below and practise telling the time. Choose a level that would suit you best.

Year 3

Today we will be carrying out an investigation about division. It will involve a piece of paper and a pencil as well as  something similar to lolly sticks,for example: straws cut up into equal pieces,  lego bricks or anything that might be similar you may have at home. You will be laying to makesquares and triangles .  Watch the video, stopping the video to have a go at the activities throughout it. We have not attached the  worksheet today that goes with the video because  we would like you to have a go at the Division Investigation instead. 

Year 2

Today Year 2 we will recapping Odd and Even numbers. Watch the video and complete the Year 2 Challenge for all. There are further 1, 2 or 3 star Challenges if you wish to try one. There is also a blank ten frame attached if you want  to print it off but it is not necessary as you can draw your own using a ruler.


GPS - warm-up

Homophones continued – following on from yesterday you may like to complete some more of the BBC Bitesize activities or have a go at completing one of the differentiated worksheets.

I wonder what you can remember about expanded noun phrases?  Please complete Task 2.  Don't forget your commas!  

As we continue with our focus on descriptive writing, today we are writing a description of a boat in a storm.  Please download the powerpoint to see what it has to contain.

Then in your books write a description of what you can see happening in the photo. Remember to use lots of detail and adjectives and commas. The photo is in the powerpoint.


Today we are looking at different types food groups.  Can you think of different types of food that you eat ? Can you put them into 5 groups?

Look at the Food Groups ppt and in your book write a quick sentence about each food group and what it provides the human body.

Now we are going to look at how healthy certain foods are for us . Most of us love sweets,cakes and chocolate . Complete the 'How much sugar is in our food? worksheet.