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Castle Acre Primary School

Tuesday 2nd March



Practise your spellings and use each one correctly in a sentence.



Focus : Place value

Roll a dice 3 times . eg  4    6   1    

Year 2 Create  as many 2 digit numbers as you can and then write then down in ascending order.

14  16   41 ……

Repeat but write the numbers in descending order.

Extension: Roll the dice 3 times and write down as many 3 digit numbers  in descending order.

Repeat but write in ascending order.

Year 3: Roll a dice 3 times . eg  4    6   1     

146     164    416  461  ....

Create  as many 3 digit numbers as you can and then write them  down in ascending order. Repeat and this time write them in descending order. 

Extension : Roll the dice 4 times and create as many 4 digit numbers as you can.

Year 2 and 3

Today we shall be looking at symmetry again. Yesterday we learnt that there can be vertical, horizontal or diagonal lines of symmetry. Some shapes or pictures can have more than one line of symmetry. Today we shall be drawing whole shapes from a line of symmetry as well as drawing our own symmetrical pictures.

Year 2

To make the whole shape from a line of symmetry. Watch the video below .

Complete the Maths Challenge for all. Then using the dotty or squared paper draw a picture that is symmetrical. Start by drawing a vertical or horizontal line of symmetry on your paper.

Make sure both sides of your picture are identical.

Year 3

To make the whole shape from a line of symmetry. Watch the video below .

Complete a few of the Symmetrical Challenges Cards . Using the dotty paper or squared paper attached draw a vertical or horizontal line of symmetry and then  create you own symmetrical picture.

You could always create you own picture on plain paper but you need to draw a line of symmetry so both sides of your picture are identical.


Reading:  continuing with World Book Week, today we would like you to draw your favourite book character.  Please label them and if you would like to, you could write a little about why you like them.  We can't wait to see which characters you choose!

Diary Entries

Following on from yesterday, today you are going to be writing a diary entry as if you were the girl in the story you watched yesterday - The girl and robot.  Watch the video again to remind yourself of what happened to her.  

Diary checklist

A diary entry is a form of recount in which the writer explains what has happened to them.

Here's a checklist of the key features to use when you write a diary entry.

  • Start with 'Dear Diary’.

  • Describe the places where the events happened.

  • Write in the past tense.

  • Use pronouns like I, my and me to show that the events happened to you.

  • Talk about how you were feeling or what you were thinking when each event happened.

Read the model as an example of a diary and notice how it is written in the 1st person using 'I' instead of she.  

Download the sentence opener sheet and have a go at writing a diary entry as if you were the girl.


Today we will be learning to understand the importance of our heart, lungs and their relationship with each other.. By the end of the session you will be able to :

  • to identify the function of the heart and the lungs
  • to understand the transportation of oxygen around the body

Watch video (twice if necessary) -

Read  ‘The Heart’ worksheet together with an adult if necessary and then complete it. Then you can make a paper model of a heart.

Values for Life

Our value for this half term is Hope.  You might like to watch the first video in this series:

This Collective Worship series aims to inspire, encourage and engage children in discovering how Christians believe God gives people HOPE. By focusing on amazing colours that are familiar to everyone, we will consider some of the thoughts, feelings and emotions colours can evoke in us.