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Castle Acre Primary School

Wednesday 10th February


Spelling practice: remember  you can use the website to help you to practise the rules for this week.

Year 3

Rule 3 The sound ‘ou’  eg couple

Year 2

n sound spelt kn and gn


Mental/Oral Starter

Focus : Doubling

Year 2 – Doubling up to 10, 20 or 50

Year 3 – Doubling up to 50,100

Year 2

Interpreting Pictograms

Make sure you have a piece of paper and a pencil to jot down you answers.

Today we shall be interpreting the information given by a pictogram, in other words using the information to answer questions. The pictograms will have keys of the symbols representing instead of 1 but 2, 5 or 10. Watch the video clip and then complete the Challenge for all and then one of the Star Challenges of you wish.

Year 3

Drawing Bar Charts

A bar chart or graph is a graphical display of data using bars of different heights.

It is a really good way to show relative sizes: eg ,we can see which types of fruit  are most liked, and which are least liked, at a glance.

We can use bar graphs to show the relative sizes of many things, such as what type of car people have, how many customers a shop has on different days and so on.

The bars can be either displayed vertically or horizontally.

Click on the link , then complete the final activity to create a bar chart using data you have collected in a  tally  by rolling a dice 30 times.

Remember when you draw a bar chart you need to use a ruler. What else do you need to mark on your bar chart  so that the information can be interpreted or understood clearly?


Please start with a reading activity.  Below there two different lists for common exception words and two different lists of high frequency words.  Please choose the most appropriate for your child from each set and ask them to read them to you and highlight or mark in some way the words that they are unsure of.  We can then focus on helping your child to read these words.  If would like to extend this further, see how many of the words your child can spell correctly without looking at them.  This may be an activity that spans several days.  Again if you are able to highlight those words they are unsure of, we can work on them.  If you are able to take a photo of how they get on and put it on dojo, we would be really grateful.

Letter writing:  LO: I can write a formal letter

Please write out your letter neatly today in your best handwriting.  Remember to punctuate it carefully using full stops and question marks for your questions.  Don't forget to put the school address in the right part of the page and sign it at the bottom!  There is a template to download if you would like to use it. Please post them on dojo so we can send them off and hopefully get some answers.


If you haven't already had a go at the Static Challenges  and the 3 Personal fitness Challenges  this afternoon and post you results on class dojo. If you have see if you can beat your previous score.


Login on to the website and continue to play the game and activities up to and including lesson 3.