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Castle Acre Primary School

Wednesday 24th February



Complete your look ,cover, write and check. Remember to log on to the spelling frame website to help you practise. 


Focus : Time

Today we are going to practise telling time.

Click on the link below:

Choose the level you think would best suit you. If you think you have cracked that level try having a go at the next level up.

Year 2 and Year 3

We are continuing to focus upon 2D shapes and their properties. 2D shapes can be described using the terms sides ,angles and vertices.If all the sides and angles are equal they are called regular polygons. An irregular polygon is a 2D shape whose sides and angles are not equal.

These are both pentagons but one is regular and the other irregular.

Year 2 

Watch the video and then complete the Challenges

Year 3

Watch the video by clicking on the link below.

Read the information on the website and then try the quiz.

Next click on the link below and using the geo board with the elastic bands create the following shapes. Take some photos of the shapes you have made.


 a quadrilateral, pentagon, octagon, equilateral triangle, scalene triangle , isosceles triangle right angled triangle, hexagon

Can you make regular and irregular shapes?

Attached below is  a 2D shape mat which shows a number of different 2D shapes that you could make.


Our letter yesterday to a policeman was written in formal style. We always use formal language when we want to be polite to someone we  don’t know yet. We are more likely to get an answer.

1) Have a look at the powerpoint on formal language

2) Download the  formal language worksheet and have a go at the challenges in your book

3) Open the letter up again to the policeman. Find 4 examples of where the writer has been formal and polite and copy these in your book in your neatest handwriting.

Music  and Spanish

 Log in and practise your Spanish  and then continue to have a go at the activities on the music hub for half an hour or so!