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Castle Acre Primary School

Wednesday 27th January



Practise your spellings for the test on Friday.


Mental oral starter

Focus : Division

Remember division is the inverse or opposite of multiplication. Therefore if  you can recall multiplication facts quickly you should be able to recall division facts.

For example:   6 x 2 = 12     2 x 6 = 12         12 ÷  2 = 6        12 ÷ 6 = 2

Year 2 Practise dividing by 2,5 or 10

Year 3 practise dividing by 4 or 8

If you really are not confident in recalling you division facts the site below  is a lovely site to practise division as sharing with puppies wanting their dinner!

Year 2

Today we are dividing by 5. Again the video clearly shows the link between multiplication and division ,so if we can recall our 5 times tables it will help you  solve dividing by 5 division  problems accurately.

There again is a Challenge for all and 1 , 2 or 3 Star sheets if you want a further  challenge.

Year 3

Today we are looking at scaling. We can scale up and down. There are many times in real life we use scaling ,for example when we have to draw a map or an object but we can’t keep it the same size so we have to scale it down. On maps the maps might be drawn so that 5 cm represents 1 km or a drawing of an animal eg a horse might be scaled down so it is 5 sizes smaller. We might scale a recipe up if we want more. For example a cake might serve 8 but we might have 16 people coming to the party so we need to increase the quantities to make 16 cakes .Watch the video and pausing it at various points to complete the activities.

There is a Year 3 Scaling Challenge for all which accompanies the video and a few Star Challenges to practise scaling up recipes.


GPS - warm-up

Contractions – a word with an apostrophe to show missing letters is called a contraction.  For example, I am becomes I’m as the a is missing, I have becomes I’ve so the h and a are missing.

Please watch the video and have a go at playing the games and then completing the activities.

As we continue to think about how we make our writing more descriptive, today's activity is to write descriptive sentences using your senses.

Please watch this video to hear the sounds of the rainforest. You only need to listen for a few minutes! 

Then download the pictures of the rainforest. Come up with some phrases to describe what it would be like being in the rainforest/jungle. Try to use all your senses. Write some sentences for what you can SEE, some sentences for what you can HEAR, some sentences for what you can SMELL and  some sentences for what you can FEEL. Remember to use lots of good adjectives to help you.  


This afternoon we shall be trying to improve our scores for the Personal Challenges that were posted on the website on Monday. If you haven't completed it have a go at them and post your results on class dojo. The results are being sent off on Friday and a bronze ,silver or gold certificate can be earned depending upon your score.


Log on to the Yumu music site and have some fun having a go at some of the  different activities. This term we are working on the unit 'I wanna play in a Band'.