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Castle Acre Primary School

Wednesday 29th April


Here are 5 words  from this  week's spellings , in your book use them in a full proper sentence to show that you understand the meaning.

Gryffindor /Ravenclaw:  shovel , discover, govern , another, wonder

Slytherin and Hufflepuff : other, another, mother, nothing, money

English Comprehension For All

Complete the answers in full, proper sentences in your book. Remember to keep your writing neat and joined.

GCP Year 2  Comprehension Targeted Book 1( P.8-9)

Read and answer the questions about    ‘No Teacher’ and  ‘ The Enchanted Wood’

Use this website to listen to some extracts from the book  ‘The Enchanted Wood’ 

GCP Year 3 Comprehension Targeted  Question Book 1(p.8-9)

Read and answer the questions about  ‘Bill’s New Frock’

GCP Year 3 Comprehension Stretch Targeted Book( p.8-9)

Read and answer the questions about ‘Umbrella Hats’

Complete the first extension task and the find other words that are spelt the same but have  different meanings. Can you remember what these words are called?

Or ‘The Witches’ Reading Group

Read and answer the questions about Bill’s New Frock attached below.

Year 3 Maths Task

 10 minutes Mental Maths Challenge :

Year 2 : Practise 2x 5x and 10x Tables 

Year 3: Practise mixed 3x ,4 x and 8x 

 Ordering numbers :  Year 3 use the website

Then complete the Spicy  Challenge attached below.

Showing numbers up to 100 : Year 2 use the website

Then complete the Mild and Hot Challenge  attached below

Extra Challenge: Try this place value game with an adult 'Nice or Nasty'

PE Tasks

Create a new aiming game that you could teach the class when we are back at  school.

 Number of players : 2 

Only  5 pieces of equipment allowed . They could be hoops, balls, cones, bean bags, hockey stick, racket, bat........................ 

What is it called? What are the rules ? How would you score points? 

Write and draw the game in your book , include what you need ,the rules and how you score.

Try the Scavenger Hunt below with your family in the garden