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Castle Acre Primary School

Wednesday 6th January



Mental oral starter

You will need a piece of paper and a pencil

Click on the web link and click on either level 2,3 or 4 and then click on partitioning.

Set the timer and test yourself .Write down the answers and keep your score.

Today we are focusing on doubling numbers and  using partitioning to help us double 2,3 and 4 digit numbers.

Either watch this video ( year 2) to recap what doubling is at :

And or look at  the ppt to help you recap how to double,  by partitioning a number  and  then multiplying  it by 2 ( double it)


Choose one or two of the challenges to complete. Don’t forget if you find it tricky you can use drawings or practical items such as dried pasta, counters or buttons that you may have at home.

Likewise if you find it easy try a harder challenge.

There is also a doubles investigation

To finish

Choose a tables or tables to practice using the website above

Or choose a table you are unsure of and practise it by writing it down on paper


Grammar - Adverbs

Today the focus will be on adverbs.  There is a short video clip by Mr Thorne, a powerpoint and a variety of follow-up activities.  Again please choose activities appropriate for your child.

Please note that adverts may possibly occur during the clip. 

Mr Thorne does grammar – adverbs


Today’s reading challenge is to choose a character from a book you are currently reading and complete the Character Study.  Don’t forget to show us the characters you have chosen on Dojo!


The 6th January is an important date for Christians.  Find out why from the activities attached. ( these are in a seperate folder labelled Epiphany) Below is the link to the story of Epiphany told by Janet who used to work at Norwich Cathedral.  Also there is a link to Dersingham Online Worship where there is a shorter version of the story.

Bible Bites – Giving – Epiphany

You may like to follow these stories with creating your own art work.