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Castle Acre Primary School

Wednesday 6th May

Good morning again. Here is a word challenge to start the morning off .

How many words can you think of that sound the same but are spelt differently?

sea       see      blue   blew

Can you remember  the name given to these types of words?

English Task for all

English Comprehension

Answer in full proper sentences in your book.

GCP Year 2 Comprehension Book

‘Amy Johnson and Tim’s Diary’

Reread Tim’s Diary. Choose a day from last week or this week and write your own diary entry for that day.

GCP Year 3 Comprehension Book

Complete ‘Let’s Get Growing’

Create a poster about why gardening is good for you. Use the website below for ideas:

The Witches Reading Group

Complete the Comprehension attached below 'Let's Get Growing '

Create a poster about why gardening is good for you.Use the website below for ideas

GCP Year 3 Stretch Comprehension Book

Complete 'My Shadow'

Extension: Imagine what your shadow would say if it could speak. What sort of personality might it have? Write a paragraph from your shadow’s point of view.

Maths Challenge

Mental Maths

Use the website to practise 'Doubling and Halving' for 10 minutes

Year 2 : Level 2

Year 3 : Level 3

Our focus continues to be  money and today it is subtracting amounts of money or finding the difference between amounts. We do this by counting on from the smallest number to the largest number on a number line.

Year 3

Watch the video Lesson 3 'Subtracting Money '  and then tackle the Year 3 Challenge and /or the extension task as well.

Year 2

You are also finding the difference between amounts.Look at the ppt below giving you examples of how we count on along a number line to solve money problems.

When you have finished your challenges  Year 2 have a go at the game.

PE Task 1

Challenge :' Build tower taller than yourself!'

You cannot use any thing that is fixed to the ground eg a climbing frame or tree house!!!

Please ask the adult who is looking after you first before you use any equipment

Send me a photo of your tower!

Task 2

Try the   Virtual Tennis Challenge or Cricket challenge if you haven't already.

Tennis :

Cricket :