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Castle Acre Primary School


We are going to be learning about materials for our Science topic work.

To help us learn about our unit on materials we will be using the Oak Academy website which provides a teaching video for you to watch, a worksheet (this does not need to be printed out) and a quiz.

For each lesson you will only need some paper and a pencil to write with. Other resources are mentioned and would be useful but they are not necessary. I have listed them below in case you do have the resources at home and would like to have them ready for the lessons. Please make sure you ask your parents for permission to find and use these items.

To start each lesson, click on the lesson title. There are 6 lessons in total so perhaps you can try to complete one lesson each day. Don’t forget to message your class teacher on Dojo if there is something you are unsure of and photograph your work to upload. Happy Science learning!

Lesson 1 - Which material should I use?

Resources: cling film, something wooden, cloth or fabric

Lesson 2 - How can the shape of solid objects be changed?

Resources: any container, soft toy, elastic band or hair band

Lesson 3 - Which material is the stretchiest?

Resources: cloth or piece of clothing, a plastic bag, an elastic band or hairband, a piece of paper.

Lesson 4 - Which materials are absorbent?

Resources: cloth or sponge, plastic bag or plastic cup, foil, cardboard or paper, cotton wool.

Lesson 5 - What is the difference between raw and synthetic materials?

No additional resources required

Lesson 6 - Why do we change materials?

No additional resources required