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Castle Acre Primary School

Tuesday 9th February


We hope you had an enjoyable ,fun day yesterday playing in the snow! We enjoyed seeing the photos and videos posted on dojo of all your snowmen and antics in the snow.


This week's spellings are in Monday's folder.

Practise your spellings and put each one in a sentence to show you understand the  meaning. Go to the spelling frame website also to help you.

Year 3 :Rule 3 The sound ‘ou’  eg couple

Year 2 : Rule 5 n sound spelt kn and gn


Oral /Mental Starter

Focus: Addition

Year 3 Focus  : Bonds to make 100, and 1000

Year 2 Focus : Bonds to make 10,20 and 100

Year 2

We shall be continuing with drawing pictograms but this time using a key where the picture might represent  2 , 5 or 10.

Watch the video, don't forget to have a pencil and piece of paper ready to answer any questions as you go along. Once you have finished watching the video answer the Challenge for all and then have a go at one of the extension Challenges if you wish

Year 3

Today we shall be looking at information presented to us in the form of a table. We shall use the information either to work out answers to questions or use clues to fill in the missing information in a table  correctly.

Click on the video link below. Remember to have a piece of paper and a pencil to help you work ou the answers to the questions as you watch the video.

A quick reminder. We have used the strategy of counting back on a number line to subtract. The video  also introduces counting forwards  to subtract or find the difference when one of the numbers is missing. Both ways work, choose the method that you find suits you.

Complete the Year 3 Challenge for all and then fro an extra Challenge one of the Star Challenges.


Handwriting:  Please download or copy the sentences using diagonal joins.  

LO: I can plan a letter

Today we will continue to think about letter writing.  We will be writing letters to a doctor or an engineer but what questions could we ask them?  We want to find out why did they choose to do that job and what it is like doing that job?  

Think of 5 questions you could ask for each job.  Have a look at the example below to a firefighter.  Then download the letter planner and plan out your letter making notes in each box.  Tomorrow you will use your notes to write a formal letter.  There is also a list of question words you can refer to.


Today we are recapping  and consolidating our learning about  what exercise is and why we do it. By the end of the session you will be able to give examples of common exercises ; identify the body parts involved in exercise as well as describe the benefits of exercise.

Work your way through the ppt attached below. You will need a pencil and a piece of paper to jot down your ideas as you go through it. Just to be aware that at  the end of the video there is a 5 minute workout with Joe Wicks which will take you to his You tube Body Coach website.

Complete the Exercise Worksheet attached below. There is one for Year 2 and Year 3.